Vulva Verse

genital journey with body poem

Vulva Verse, is a body-based ritual, a practice and an art. The sessions consist of body-focusing to guide you into the pelvic bowl and give awareness and the invitation for your Body Poem to emerge though tuning into and animating parts of your inner sensual landscape. A Body Poem is made up of your own noticing, sensation, feelings and words, scribed lovingly by the body poet holding space for you in this process.


Dive into a lucid dreaming state where authenticity, radical acceptance and attuned focus of attention reveal the power and precision of your inner knowing, creativity and body-sovereignty.


Book a session and reclaim your pelvic intelligence, trust your sensation driven body wisdom.


“Like a real authentic body snapshot of how I feel and where I orient myself, shared direct from the cells and tissues and scribed by a loving witness”


Session Structure

Book a 60 min online session with Julian or Rebecca via the booking links below to our booking calendars. The sessions are talk based and you will be invited to create a comfortable space to relax uninterrupted. This time is for you, there is nowhere you need to go and nothing you need do. 

What to expect:

  1. Our sessions usually start with a check in around your interest, goals or curiosity for having a session listening into the cells and tissues of pelvic bowl (approx 5-10 mins).
  2. This is then followed by some grounding and body-focusing practices which help you to awaken your sensation and body-awareness (you will be invited to lie down or get into a comfortable position and this usually lasts 3-5mins).
  3. You will then be invited to do a body poem “I want list” which will support noticing what is most important in general but specifically in relationship to your sexual self, body, pleasure and intimacy. This is a different way to feel, trust and choose what to focus the session or sessions on and where to begin. From a state of relaxation and presence the practitioner, dream scribe, will support you as the dreamer to voice what is arising in your awareness about what is alive in you in that moment and write these I wants down. Then you will be invited to hear them back and to receive your own words back exactly as they arose. This process is simple yet profound as it facilitates association channels and self-updates to our default ways of being in the world.(7-10 mins).
  4. Once we take some moments to integrate how that process was you will be supported to choose the focus of the rest of your session in answer to the question “and what would you like to explore further today?”. The rest of the session is the devoted to follow the innate unfolding of this goal and agreement to serve what is most relevant and juicy for you to spend this time with. 

Body Poets

Julian Marcus
BSc(Hons) Therapeutic Bodywork

As founder of the School of Relational Bodywork I work with one to one with the public and also guide practitioners in supporting others in their body-based wisdom trusting the innate intelligence of life in each of us.

My purpose is to support you in living free from the burden of internalised patterns that hinder your naturalness and to move into a feeling or body and erotic wholeness. This work supports you to move into the life of your dreams with purpose, heart and peace. 

Rebecca Thompson

Passionate about embracing neurodiversity, my aim is to facilitate inner explorations that help us create environments in which we can flourish and thrive in our own unique ways. Whatever the topics involved, my work is based on resonance, and on safe and kind relationships that enable all parties to be unashamedly authentic.

With genital journeys, my diverse professional activities in embodiment, sexuality, sound production and artistic expression all weave together in organic co-creations aimed at supporting and promoting self awareness and erotic well-being.